2023. 01. 25

eSAT - The European youth Strategy delivered through Advanced Technologies

The new EU Youth Strategy urges young people to be architects of their own lives and contribute to positive change in society. It lays the base for young people to avoid poverty or social exclusion and benefit from EU education, employment, or training opportunities, yet many young Europeans still aren´t aware of those opportunities.

The Project eSAT´s main objective is to deliver the EU Youth Strategy to young in an engaging, exciting and understandable way, by developing a comic book. The 4 stories it comprises will be developed by 4 international teams of volunteers trained in visual
storytelling, on the topics: Engage, Connect, Empower, and fourth one chosen by the volunteers themselves. The comic book will be translated into the 4 project partners´ languages (Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak) and it will be developed both in
print and in a digital format.

With the comic book at hand, the volunteers will be actively involved in its promotion, which will be integrated into the partners´ regular activities, to ensure its impact reaches their peers: young Europeans who aren´t aware of the message and opportunities the EU Youth Strategy delivers.

By implementing this project, the partners hope to empower young people to make a difference in this society by expanding and exploring the possibilities accessible to them, to increase their active citizenship, contributing to young people avoiding poverty or social exclusion while benefiting from EU education, employment, or training opportunities.